Solar Pool Heating

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Solar Heater for your Arizona Pool


If you are looking for a pool heating solution that doubles your current swim season and has zero monthly recurring costs, look no further than solar heating! Solar pool heating harnesses the thermal energy of the sun, so your investment is limited to the installation of the solar collectors.

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family swimming solar heated pool

family swimming solar heated pool

Benefits of Solar Pool Heating:

  • Zero monthly recurring costs
  • Doubles your swim season
  • 100% resale value*
  • Environmentally friendly – zero emissions!
  • Twice the lifespan of conventional gas and electric heaters
  • Low annual maintenance
  • Ability to cool your pool off in the summer

Solar Collector Features:

  • Web-and-tube construction provides 12% more surface area for increased Btu output
  • Carbon black panels that resist UV fading
  • Best warranty on the market: 12-year full replacement warranty, 20-year limited warranty
  • Stainless steel connectors
  • Each panel is created from one polymer mold to reduce connection points and water leaks
  • Panels made in the USA!

Hybrid Solar Pool Heating Collector

In comparing solar pool heaters, you’ll discover that the Ecosun Hybrid Solar Pool Heating Collector is the most advanced swimming pool solar heater on the market today. Two unique characteristics set it apart from other solar pool heaters: the patented vented web and unique fluted surface design.

cross section ecosun solar pool heater

The patented vented web allows for moisture ventilation for the roof as well as wind load relief during adverse weather conditions, making the entire system more resilient.

The unique fluted surface design, which has received the highest performance rating ever recorded for a vented solar pool heater, provides over 10% more collector area.

According to testing by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), the Ecosun Solar Pool Heater is the highest-rated vented solar pool heating collector available. This can be attributed to the unique, patented venting process by which no material is removed from the collector.

Why Aqua Science?

That’s simple. We offer the best solar panel on the market with the highest rating for Btu performance, the best warranty in the industry, and trained professionals that manage the installation and annual maintenance. Aqua Science has been in business for 30 years, and we service over 2,000 homes and business each month. Contact us today to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation!


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