Infrared Heater vs. Mushroom Heater

Mushroom Heater vs Tungsten Infrared Heater

Tungsten Infrared Heaters

Radiant heating involves the transfer of thermal energy from one body to another. Our heaters emit infrared light that heats objects, rather than air around the heater.

The difference in heating capacity between a mushroom heater and a radiant heater is significant; our heaters can heat up to a 200 sq. ft. space as compared to the 75 sq. ft. the average mushroom heater can heat.

Radiant heat is superior in that it is unaffected by wind or drops in ambient air temperature.

Mushroom Heaters

Many Phoenicians use outdoor “mushroom” heaters or fire pits to provide heat while entertaining or relaxing outdoors.

The difference in performance is between the technology used in each application. Mushroom heaters use convection heating; our patio heaters utilize radiant heating technology.

Essentially, convection heating is a process in which the air is heated by passing cold air over a heating element.

The air around the heater becomes warm, but there is a loss of heat, as hot air naturally rises.

The challenge with convection heating is the outdoors itself; a slight breeze can affect the amount of heat you are able to feel, as it can literally blow the heat away.