Solar Pool Heating Service & Repair

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You invested well with a solar pool heating system; make sure you maintain your system so it lasts for years to come! Our manufacturer recommends bi-annual service to both start up and shut down your system.

In addition, flipping the panels every five years will increase the life of the solar collectors, making the most of your investment. Read below for more information on our Pool Solar Start Up and Shut Down services.

At the beginning of your desired swim season, contact our office to schedule your Pool Solar Start Up service.

Pool Solar Start Up Service Includes:

  • Solar collector and plumbing flush
  • Visual inspection of solar collectors (panels) and plumbing for leaks
  • Inspection of roof penetrations
  • Inspection of pump condition and operation

At the end of the swim season, generally in November or December, you should shut down your solar heating system.

Doing so protects your system from cracks and leaks that can be caused from freezing temperatures. Call our service team at 480-454-3701 to schedule your shut down service today!

Pool Solar Shut Down Service Includes:

  • Inspection of solar collectors and plumbing for any leaks
  • Evacuation of water from collectors and plumbing
  • Inspection of roof pentetrations
  • Inspection of pump condition and operation
  • Bypass and shut down system

Solar Pool Heating System Repair and Maintenance

The Phoenix, Arizona sun can be relentless. With only a handful of cloudy days, the solar collectors on your roof are exposed to the elements non stop.

Manufacturers recommend flipping the solar collectors every five years to ensure a long lasting, even-temperatured panel. Ask our service team about scheduling our master-level trained technicians to extend the life of your system!

Aqua Science can diagnose and repair most solar pool heating systems, regardless of the original installer. Call our office today to schedule your appointment at 480-454-3701

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