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Pool Heating Phoenix

Superior Solar and Hybrid Pool Heating Solutions

Does your pool call to you in November? Or April? The investment in your backyard doesn’t have to sit idle in our warm fall and spring months! Heat your pool with the best green resource available – the sun! Solar (thermal) heating can double your current swim season, making your pool the fun and entertaining place you imagined it would be. Enjoy an early morning workout, or an evening swim party with family and friends, and get the most out of your largest backyard investment twice as long!

The EcoSun thermal solar panel is made right here in the USA, and is designed for long term resistance to the high temps we experience in Phoenix. Each panel is made from pre-compounded resin, which ensures an even distribution of anti-oxidants like carbon black, which protects the panels from fading in the hot Phoenix sun. Panels are designed as one piece, which reduces the chances for leaks. Our panels are attached using stainless steel fasteners, which resist rust and weather damage. And best of all, Aqua Science customers receive a 20-year limited, 12-year full repair or replacement warranty to give you peace of mind.1

Enjoy these benefits with an EcoSun Pool Solar Heating System:

  • No operating costs
  • Highest rated heat (BTU) collector in the industry2 means your pool heats more efficiently
  • Vented web and unique fluted surface design on the panels generates more heat
  • Roof ventilating design on the panels reduces wind load, extending the life of the system
  • Add 100% of the cost to the resale value of your home3


If you want to get higher temperatures out of your pool heating system during the coldest months, ask us about the UltraTemp pool heat pump. Paired with a pool solar system, it creates the perfect pool heating solution. Once the sun has heated your pool to the best of its ability, the UltraTemp pool heat pump will close the temperature gap. The UltraTemp pool heat pump uses environmentally friendly, non-ozone depleting refrigerant, and features a 100% titanium heat exchanger with a lifetime warranty. Adding the UltraTemp pool heat pump to your solar system creates a true hybrid option that will allow you to swim in your pool year-round.

To learn more about our solar heating panels, click here. Or, take a virtual tour of the Aquatherm factory in New Jersey and see how thermal solar panels are made. You can watch the video by clicking here


Learn more about the Ultratemp heat pump: DOWNLOAD ULTRATEMP BROCHURE

120-year limited warranty with 12-year full repair or replacement on EcoSun collectors and hardware, including freeze damage. Ask our solar specialists for more details.
2In accordance with the ISO 9806 Standard and performance certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) at the University of Central Florida.
3Source: Annual Cost vs. Value Report Remodeling Magazine