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The drinking water in Phoenix is fed from streams, rivers, and lakes from the north; our water travels thousands of miles through rocks and soil, collecting hard minerals, organic matter and bacteria along the way. Our city municipalities treat our potable water for a variety of microorganisms, bacteria, and chemicals and work hard to ensure the water is safe to drink, cook with and bathe in.

Why Do Phoenix Homes Need Water Treatment?

Our water is separated and sanitized at water treatment plants throughout the valley. The EPA strictly regulates the levels of toxins and bacteria allowed in our water, and our cities do a good job of following their standards. But following the standard means, our water is full of chlorine and other cleaning agents, which means the water just doesn’t taste good!

Every day, the legal limits of harmful toxins, chlorine, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, and sediments make their way into our drinking water. Check out our resource center to see a list of the most common water complaints we deal with here in Phoenix, as well as a list of the most common toxins and chemicals found in our water.

If you experience any of these problems, contact our water treatment experts today to learn what you can to do ensure safe, clean water at every faucet in your home! We offer solutions for every kind of water problem you may experience.

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Aqua Science Water Treatment Systems

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Reverse Osmosis System

Water Treatment and Purification Process

It is important to keep your drinking water purification system operating at peak performance.

Are your filters cleaning your water? Manufacturers recommend you change the filters in your system every 6 – 12 months. If you haven’t serviced your drinking water system in the past year, you could be allowing unwanted toxins, chemicals, bacteria, and sediments into your drinking water.

How Reverse Osmosis System Works

Unlike our competitors, our service is more than just a filter change!

At every reverse osmosis service call, we:

  • Assess your water quality and water hardness levels
  • Sanitize the holding tank and filter bowls to ensure a bacteria-free, healthy drinking water system
  • Lubricate internal components to protect against leaks
  • Verify system performance and mechanics
  • Replace your filters using only WQA certified replacement filters
  • Flush the carbon
  • Assess water pressure and pressurize the storage tank
  • Inspect the membrane, check the valves and flow restrictor

We go to great lengths to keep your drinking water pure and healthy! Schedule your next service online and save $10!

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Water Softener and Conditioner Service

Your water softener will last you for years to come as long as you keep your system clean and maintain it per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Manufacturers recommend cleaning out your brine tank and having the resin recharged annually. Aqua Science offers an annual water softener inspection that includes:

  • Inspection of the brine tank and salt levels
  • Sanitization and resin recharge
  • Visual inspection of the digital control valve
  • Visual inspection of the bypass valve
  • Verification of system settings
  • Regeneration time adjusted (as required, where applicable)


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