Chandler Service Area

We began our Pentair journey in the Phoenix metro area over 30 years ago, with a mission to invest in technology research and water treatment innovation. We were lucky enough to bring this goal to fruition, and have been successfully serving the community ever since. Because we have a heavy focus on customer satisfaction, our team works hard to provide superior service, earning us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for many years. We are proud to now serve many communities in the valley, including the beautiful city of Chandler.

We offer a variety of different water solutions and plumbing services for residents and businesses throughout Chandler, Arizona. Our goal is to use our expert knowledge to enhance water quality, cool down environments, heat pools, and improve overall home and commercial water systems in the most effective way possible. Our services include the following:

Misting System Chandler

Summer days in Chandler can be truly excruciating with temperatures surpassing the hundred degree mark. It shouldn’t mean you have to hide inside. An outdoor misting & fog system can alleviate some of the heat intensity by bringing your patio and backyard temperatures to a more bearable level. This is especially handy for pets that need to go outdoors a few times a day. We offer a commercial-grade mist and fog solution built with residential areas in mind, including patios, pool hangouts, dog runs, horse stalls/barns, outdoor kitchenettes, grill areas, gazebos, pergolas and more.

Water Treatment Chandler

Do you ever wonder why the local water is so hard and unpleasant to drink? Well, the city tries to eliminate every single rock, soil, grain, and hard mineral that finds its way into our drinking water, but then you are left with water that contains chlorine and other cleaning agents. This chemical-infused water can be harsh on the skin, hair, and clothing. Implementing a water treatment system in your home will improve the quality of water your family uses every day. Our offerings for water treatment in Chandler include water softeners, water conditioners, reverse osmosis, and custom water filtration.

Chandler Plumber

If your Chandler residence requires plumbing maintenance, our team of trained professionals is ready to help. We offer general plumbing and water heater inspections to help determine the state of your home’s functionality. If any issues are diagnosed, we can develop an affordable maintenance solution to ensure your systems are working efficiently. You can set an appointment to have one of our skilled Aqua Science Chandler plumbers visit your home to inspect the faucets, sinks, emergency shut off valves, and more.

Commercial Solutions

Chandler, AZ businesses have much to gain from investing in quality water systems and plumbing maintenance. We offer each of the services listed above to commercial businesses throughout the city. Increase the overall value of your business by enhancing your business environment. Consider creating comfortable outdoor patio options with our mist and fog systems, or simply ensure the ability to offer delicious water and a clean working toilet and sink. First impressions can make all the difference. Contact our commercial sales division for more information.

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