Water Softeners

Why Water Softeners?

The problem with hard water in Phoenix

The hard water in Phoenix leaves behind a trail of limescale and mineral deposits in its path. Hard water damages our appliances and plumbing, ruins shower doors and glassware and makes our water heaters less efficient. If you live in Phoenix, there is a good chance you’ve looked for a solution to your hard water problem. Discover the ways to deal with hard water, and check out our comparison charts to see what solution best fits your needs!

Hard water minerals can only be removed with one of three processes: salt-based water softenershydro-deionization or reverse osmosis. The most common solution to reduce scale is through the use of a salt-based water softener.

You can learn more about hard water and how it impacts your home’s health in our resource center. Our water softener comparison chart can help you find the softener that meets the needs of your family and home. Once you’ve narrowed it down, call our water treatment specialists or send us an inquiry and ask us to show you how to make the water in your homework with you, not against you.

Benefits of a Water Softener

  • Stops mineral damage in your appliances from the day of installation
  • Provides spot-free shower doors, dishes, and glassware
  • Clean, scale-free faucets and showerheads
  • Cleaner, brighter, whiter clothes
  • Softer, silkier skin and hair

And if that weren’t enough you’ll save money each month!

  • Save up to 30% on your water heating energy costs
  • And up to 50% on cleaning products, shampoos, and other detergents

For a family of four, that’s an average savings of $462 per year!

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Water Softeners from Aqua Science

We have serviced more than 100,000 homes in the Phoenix area and have been bringing better quality water to the area for more than 30 years. We have patented technology backed by meticulous research and science. But most importantly, we care about water – especially your water. We’re a service-based company and will do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with the quality of water in your home.

How to Choose the Best Water Softener for You

With so many options, you may be wondering which types of water softeners are right for your home. In order to choose the right system, you need to know what your needs are. To figure that out, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Know what is in your water; we can test for hardness and chlorine levels, along with other contaminants.
  2. Know how much water you need. Each person uses about 80 gallons per day.
  3. Call us. Our team at Aqua Science can help you figure out which system is best for your family, and how large of a system you will need.
Water softener comparison chart

What Makes Our Solutions Unique?

Aqua Science has built a product line-up that provides residential customers with commercial capabilities, proven durability, and the best overall value for your dollar. That’s easy for us to say but can we prove it?

Here’s how we prove it every day:

  • Better Resins = Longer Product Life.  Every option we provide uses high-quality resins that are resistant to chlorine. Given the large amounts of chlorine used in Arizona water, these resins will dramatically extend the life of your system.
  • Made in the USA. Every tank we provide is built in the USA. These products are recognized as “industrial-strength” and blow away the cheap alternatives found at most DIY stores.
  • Patented Vortech™ Plate in Every Tank. This technology is unique to our tanks and extends the life of your resins and their effectiveness in removing minerals.  We have included this technology in all tanks to improve the efficiency and durability of your system.
  • Cost-Effective Carbon Options. Water in Arizona is not just hard, it also contains a large amount of Chlorine and Volatile Organic Chemicals. Our easy to add Carbon filtering options reduce these chemicals, provides drinkable water in every faucet of your house and extends the life of your water treatment solution.
  • Save Water, Money and our Planet. Our solutions will save the average family hundreds of dollars each year in water usage, reduce your cost for detergent and soaps and decrease your time spent cleaning versus traditional water softener technologies. Better for your family, your wallet and the world.

Water Softener Installation

When installing a whole house water softener, there are three requirements needed for a proper site: the main water source, a drain, and an electrical connection. Once you contact us, we can help you determine where in your home best meets these requirements and provide you with an installation map to give you a rough idea of how the unit will look once installed.


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