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Arizona summers are hot, but you don’t have to be! High-pressure mist and fog systems from Aqua Science can cool your outdoor space by up to 30°, providing you the tranquil space you need on those hot summer days.

Mistfx™ misting systems by Aqua Science are not your run-of-the-mill home improvement store systems. Our high-pressure systems are custom-designed for each space and utilize the most advanced evaporative technology available. In fact, you can control your mist system from your iOS or Android device! Want to extend your entertaining space? Add Fogfx™ to your pool and patio area and create a tranquil aesthetic.

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How Mist Keeps You Cool

So how do misting systems work? The secret to your outdoor comfort lies in the science behind evaporative cooling. A misting system usually consists of a series of nozzles placed around the perimeter of your patio or outdoor entertaining space, connected through a series of stainless steel pipes.

A high-pressure pump is connected to the water source, which increases the water pressure by up to 10x its normal rate. By increasing the water pressure above 700 psi, the water molecules are atomized, pushing the smallest possible droplets through the nozzles.

As the water droplets are introduced to the hot outside air, they flash evaporate. The process of evaporation requires a source of energy: in this case, the hot air. The water particles absorb the heat, causing the molecule to evaporate. This process is repeated for each droplet and, as the misting system continues to spray, the surrounding air can be cooled by more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Benefits of Mistfx™ outdoor mist systems:

  • Cools your patio, pool deck or other outdoor space by up to 30°, making it comfortable for kids and pets!
  • Extends your living and entertaining space
  • Increases humidity which helps cool the air and helps plants thrive
  • Cleans and filters the air
  • Reduces insects and pests
  • Creates a visually pleasing aesthetic around pools and landscaping

Mistfx™ features:

  • High pressure, high-quality commercial-grade equipment
  • Durable, 3/8″ stainless steel mist lines provide better water flow than traditional 1/4″ lines
  • Powder coated lines to match your home’s exterior – or ask about hidden nozzles for a complete experience!
  • High-pressure nozzles
  • Professional installation and service

Aqua Science’s Misting System Installation Process

When you decide to enhance your property with a misting system, Aqua Science offers a free in-home consultation to map out the space you want to be misted so we can determine which misting solution is ideal for you. The mist fan solution is ideal for larger patios and deeper spaces as opposed to the classic “curtain” misting solution. We also ensure the system is designed with the proper electrical load, the number of nozzles, and the right equipment for your patio mister.

The designing phase also takes into consideration the location of the water source and integration with the electrical source; often the solution is to dig a trench for water or power to access the misting location. Under these conditions, we create a system that supplies sufficient power to the pump that will generate the ideal amount of mist.

Aqua Science simplifies your experience by managing the installation, every step of the way. Everything is included in our services, from digging trenches for power lines or plumbing to installing breakers to provide the proper amount of electricity needed to run the pump. We even ensure the misting system matches your home’s exterior by powder coating the lines and clamps to match. We also use longer stainless steel lines than other companies, which reduces potential leaks and will last a lifetime if properly maintained.

Why Hire A Professional To Install A Misting System?

It’s not uncommon to see patio misting systems at malls or restaurants that dribble on the ground and furniture while the mist floats away with the wind. Our quality professional installation uses the right amount of pressure in your misting system so that no water is wasted. The pump we install raises water pressure up to 1000 psi and sprays tiny water particles that flash evaporate in contact with the hot air, creating the perfect mist.

Most homes have water pressure between 40 and 100 psi, which does not supply the proper amount of pressure for a misting system to work properly. Since 80 psi is the recommended maximum amount used inside a home, a pump must be installed to increase the water pressure to at least 700 psi. It is at that rate, and up to 1000 psi that a misting system will atomize the water, which is what is necessary to achieve evaporative cooling. When your misting system is in place, we can install and program the remote controls so you can activate it at the push of a button.

With an average installation period of 1-2 business days, you can celebrate victory over the Arizona heat in style with a top-quality cooling system.

Why Aqua Science?

Aqua Science has been in business since 1985, and we provide service to over 2,000 customers each month! Our technicians are trained, licensed, insured and bonded, but most importantly, we’ll be here next mist season. We are locally owned, and employ nearly 30 technicians to assist you with anything you may need related to water. We are here to develop long-term relationships with our customers because we know you’ll have your mist system for years to come.


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