Water Heater Service & Repair

Did you know…

  • Nearly 20% of all homeowners insurance claims are related to plumbing or appliance failure?
  • There is a sacrificial anode rod inside your water heater that protects it from deterioration?
  • Leaks and sediment build up are two of the leading causes of inefficient water heaters!

What Is An Anode Rod?

Anode rods are the most important line of defense in increasing water heater tank life and preventing leaks. These devices work because the metal in the rod is more easily corroded than the metal of the water heater tank. In areas like Phoenix, where our water is hard and corrosive, the anode rod plays an important role in protecting your water heater.

At Aqua Science, we offer a water heater inspection and service to help maintain your water heater and extend its life. Our inspection includes:

  • Visual inspection of all connections for corrosion or leaks
  • Inspection of the relief valve
  • Inspection of heating elements (electric water heaters only)
  • Remove and inspect anode rod
  • Corrosive sediments flushed out of heater

After inspection, our technicians will show you the anode rod and will provide a recommendation based on the wear of the rod. If it is corroded, you should replace it immediately to help stop the damage to the inside of your water heater.

What kind of water heaters can we fix?

Our technicians are trained to fix/service most gas, electric, tankless and solar water heaters across a variety of brands: Rheem, Bradford White, GE, A.O. Smith, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Ruud, American Standard, Rinnai, Navien and more. We do not offer service on heat pump water heaters or boilers.

Not sure if we can fix your water heater? Call our customer service team today at 480-454-3701.

Why use Aqua Science?

More solutions, better products and great service! Aqua Science has been in business for 30 years, helping customers solve their household problems. We operate 6 days per week, with 30 technicians who are ready, willing and able to help you! Our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

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