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Here in the Phoenix area, we tolerate hot summers for the ultimate reward in outdoor living and entertaining: our mild autumn, winter and spring months. The eight months of glorious daytime temperatures are the reason so many of us stay in Phoenix, but mild daytime temperatures don’t always translate to comfortable evening temperatures.

Early morning and evening temperatures can plummet, which limits the time you can spend in your outdoor space. Installing a natural gas or electric patio heater will help you regulate the temperature in your outdoor space, which means you can really enjoy all Phoenix has to offer.

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Types of Patio Heaters 


When it comes to patio heaters, the best option will be the one that fits perfectly in the space you are trying to heat. Safety is always a part of this equation. Whether the area is covered and how the unit is powered are both factors that can influence your decision.

Large Outdoor Propane Heater

A large, outdoor propane heater is the traditional model used for several reasons. First, the bigger, open area is well-ventilated so that the gas can dissipate. Second, electrical outlets are not always available or practically located for electric heaters. Third, they are historically heavy and large, both of which work better in an open, outdoor area.

Small Propane Heaters

A smaller propane heater, a portable heater or an electric heater are a good heater for a screened porch where there is not as much space to heat. These options can either be moved around as needed or strategically placed in the appropriate area. Electrical outlets are generally spread around the room sufficiently to provide multiple options for placement.

Permanent, Mounted Heaters

Heating an enclosed area does not limit you to small, portable heaters, however. A wall or ceiling-mounted electric unit can be hardwired in for permanent use, especially if you know that your set-up will remain for an extended period of time.
This is also a great option for a smaller space where you may not want to take up any extra room with a heating unit. Just be sure that you maintain several feet (at least) of distance from the mounted unit and any other object for safety purposes.

Infrared Heaters

While larger gas heaters are common with outdoor areas, and smaller electric or portable gas heaters are ubiquitous to smaller spaces, the right heater placement will sufficiently warm the area and, more importantly, the people. The type of heat that is distributed is important as well, and our infrared heat works well for many reasons.

First, it provides radiant heat which transfers heat to people, as opposed to just the air surrounding it. Additionally, infrared heat doesn’t reduce the oxygen level in the room, doesn’t dry out your skin, generally warms you more quickly and efficiently, and it can even be healthier for you by improving your blood circulation.

Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric Heater Features

Patio Heaters from Aqua Science

Aqua Science offers different models and sizes to fit any outdoor space and budget. Check out how some of our customers have utilized radiant heaters to expand their entertaining space in our patio heating gallery! After you’ve fallen in love, call our office to schedule your free estimate!

Want to know more about what sets our patio heaters apart from the rest of the industry? Visit our resource center to learn more about radiant heat technology, and see the difference today!

Outdoor Patio Heaters Will:

  • Extend your living and entertaining space without the hassle and risks associated with fire pits
  • Heat the entire space through radiant heating technology, rather than an isolated space directly under a heater. Our heaters emit infrared light to heat objects, not just the air around it.
  • Provide greater resale value on your home by maximizing your living space and keeping it accessible year round
  • Save you money! Electric heaters have one-third the operational cost as compared to propane “mushroom” heaters

Our Patio Heaters Feature:

  • A sleek design with platinum or tungsten construction that looks good in any environment
  • More even-heat dispersion than other permanent installations
  • Space saving mounting options. Swivel brackets allow you to direct heat where you want, and can be mounted to walls or ceilings
  • Wireless remote controllers allow for easy ignition
  • Gas, electric or portable (propane) options

Benefits of Natural Gas Patio Heaters

  • Lowest operational costs
  • Readily available as a plumbed utility
  • Provides more heating than electricity-fueled units
  • Can be mounted on roof or wall to maximize floor space

Things to consider

  • Provisions for gas plumbing required
  • Heated areas must be well ventilated

Benefits of Portable Heaters

  • Highly-portable, position it exactly where you want it
  • No installation or assembly required
  • Provides more heating than electricity-fueled units

Things To Consider:

  • Highest running cost of the three options
  • Requires floor space, cannot be mounted on the roof or walls
  • Not ideal for large areas

 Benefits of Electric Patio Heaters

  • Easy installation and re-purposing
  • Capable of operation without air flow
  • Cost effective, reliable form of heating
  • Can be mounted on roof or wall to maximize floor space

Things to consider

  • More expensive to operate than natural gas but less expensive to operate than the portable unit
  • Will not operate during power shortages / outages

Contact Aqua Science For Professional Patio Heating Installation

Proper installation is an important aspect of keeping your new heater running efficiently and safely, especially if you are tying into gas lines or electrical wiring. Our installers are thoroughly trained. If you have questions about patio heating, require service or are looking to purchase and install a heater, please contact us today. Call for fast scheduling.


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