Commercial Water Treatment


Aqua Science is a full service water treatment company providing solutions to your water quality challenges. We understand the importance of clean, purified water in your business, and the need for keeping maintenance costs low. Our scope of scientifically engineered water treatment solutions allows you to provide the best tasting water for cooking and drinking for your customers, while effectively managing your maintenance costs. Aqua Science has spent 30 years fine-tuning our solutions; our years of experience will provide you with the expertise needed to provide the right solutions to your specific water problems.

Aqua Science Offers Commercial Grade Solutions For Your Business!

  • Water Purification – provides clear, clean water and ice cubes
  • Water Softeners & Conditioners – helps to reduce hard water scale and spots from your glassware and dishes!
  • Carbon filters – significantly reduces chlorine in the water, making food and beverages taste better
  • Drink station filtration – improves the taste of soda, coffee, tea and other beverages
  • Water coolers and heaters – provide chilled or hot water in an instant at the dispenser
  • Trained technicians available year-round to serve you!

Why Aqua Science?

Our custom solutions have become the definitive choice for over 300,000 commercial and residential customers in Phoenix concerned about water quality and protecting their investment. Aqua Science is recognized as a leader in both residential and commercial water treatment systems and technology. This is why so many businesses and homeowners depend on us for solutions to their water problems.

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