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Cool your patio with Fanfx!  Fanfx offers both the air movement of a traditional ceiling fan along with professional high-pressure misting at the flip of a switch! This unique misting fan offers 360° of flash evaporative cooling around its perimeter, which provides greater outdoor cooling in spaces both big and small. With Fanfx, you’ll actually be cooling the air on your patio, rather than just moving air. Your patio will be so cool you may have to bring a jacket!

How Misting Fans Work

Fanfx provides complete evaporation through the atomization of water. Our system increases the water pressure to 1,000 psi; as the water is pressed through the nozzles, the mist is flash evaporated into the environment. This process reduces the ambient air temperature by as much as 30° and truly cools the interior of your patio, rather than providing a curtain of mist found with traditional in-line systems.

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Benefits of Fanfx Outdoor Misting Fans:

  • Great for deep, interior patios
  • Cools your patio space by up to 30°
  • Cooler temperatures from flash evaporation
  • Flexibility with fan or mist mode only

Fanfx Features:

  • 18” diameter delivers cool mist up to 15’ – 20’
  • Easy, professional installation to existing ceiling fan structure or from an attractive pole mount
  • 10 nozzles provide 360° of cool mist
  • Dimensions; 16.5” h x 18” w; 30lbs.
  • 120V / 60hz / 2.3A

Misting Fans vs Misting Systems

Outside of the obvious, not much is different. We use the same technology in our mist fans as we do in traditional mist curtain installations. Water is pressurized to a high rate through the pump and pressed out of the nozzles surrounding the fan. When the water meets the hot air, it flash-evaporates, which provides a fine mist. Mist fans will decrease the air temperature by up to 30°, just like a mist curtain will. Additional benefits of mist fans are the ability to customize the fan to match your home’s exterior (wraps can be designed to cover the fans with a selection of designs or your family name). In addition, you can use the fan in “fan only,” “mist only” or “mist/fan” mode.

When customers contact us about misting systems, they don’t necessarily call with a mist fan in mind. Part of our job as educators is to survey the space the homeowner wishes to have cooled and make a recommendation for the best system from that evaluation.

Professional Misting Fans vs DIY Systems

Professional systems differ from home improvement systems in that we utilize a high-pressure pump to increase the water pressure to the system. True misting requires atomization of water, which means the water pressure must be increased to ranges higher than what would be deemed safe for use inside a home. Most homes’ water pressure is somewhere between 60 psi and 100 psi; the pump we install will increase the water pressure up to 1000 psi, which is what presses the water into super tiny particles and flash evaporates when it hits the hot air. It’s that combination of hot air and water than creates a very fine mist. A misting system that utilizes these tools properly will allow you to stand under the system and not get wet (think back to systems you’ve seen in front of restaurants or other areas; systems that are dripping or leave furniture, windows or the ground wet are not utilizing water pressure properly).

Fanfx Free Consultation

As with any homeowner inquiring about mist, we offer free consultations to ensure that the system is designed with the proper electrical load, number of nozzles, and the proper kind of equipment installed. Homeowners with deeper patios or larger spaces may likely benefit from using a series of mist fans to cool their space, rather than the traditional “curtain” misting solution. These fans operate much like ceiling fans, except that nozzles are placed around the perimeter of the fan. During the consultation, our team will check the electrical load to ensure the proper amount of electricity is available to run the pump necessary for a professional system. We also check the water source and measure the distances between the electrical source and water source. In most cases, we must trench areas for water or power to reach the desired cooling area. Consultations generally take an hour or less.

Fanfx Installation Process

Our installation process is straightforward and put in writing. Our company provides all work from start to finish, including any electrical or plumbing work necessary. Lines are trenched for both electrical and water (when necessary). We install any additional breakers that may be needed and wire the system to the pump and water sources. The downrods and fans are assembled and then connected to the water source. Any remote controls that were purchased are programmed, and the system is tested. Most installations are completed within 1-2 business days, depending on the scope of the project. Our team performs a “pre-site” check that gives our installation team a good idea of the scope of the project before we arrive on installation day.


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