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At Pentair, we understand that running your business is your top priority. In order to serve your clients and employees effectively, your water treatment, patio heating, pool heating and misting systems must work effectively and efficiently, with little maintenance. Our solutions are engineered specifically for each business, and take into consideration the maintenance required to keep your systems running every day.

We offer a variety of solutions that will help you serve your customers more effectively than your competitors. Our goal is to build a customer for life, and we can only do that by building your business! We offer:

Commercial Water Treatment

Large scale water filtration and water purification for drinking water, cooking, bathing, etc. Our water treatment solutions are used by restaurants, hotels, salons and more across the Phoenix, Arizona area to provide the cleanest tasting water in the valley.

Commercial Misting

Cool down your outdoor areas for both customers and employees by up to 30°! The summer months can kill service on the patio, which reduces the amount of people you can serve. Current customers include Starbucks, Dutch Brothers, SeaLife Aquarium and more. Provide customers a place to sit or outdoor entertainment and watch how many come back for seconds.

Commercial Patio Heating

Customers love to sit outside and enjoy the ambiance you’ve created, but they can’t do that when our temps drop below…70° during the colder months! Our radiant heating technology provides a significant increase in the ambient air temperature by heating the objects around them. Warm customers order more…ask us about permanent mounted or portable patio heating today!

Home Builder Program

Hard water scale will destroy the plumbing and appliances in a home in a short period of time. Show your homeowners you care about their investment with you by installing water filtration systems as part of your plumbing package. Aqua Science works with several builders across the Phoenix metropolitan area to install our systems; we offer a variety of solutions based on your community’s needs. Call us today and ask us about how we can save the plumbing and water-based appliances in the new homes in your developments!

We can’t wait to make you a customer for life! Contact our commercial sales division today and ask for your free consultation. You have nothing to lose but an increase in your bottom line!


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