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The Difference Between Mist and Fog

You may be thinking, “aren’t they both just water?” Yes! But in a similar way that sand and soil are both earth. The short answer is that fog is thicker and harder to see through, and the mist is less dense. Here is a guide for you to determine if a mist or fog system is ideal for you to combat the Phoenix heat.

What is Mist?

Mist is tiny droplets of water that are so light they’re suspended in the air. The particles are light enough that they stay floating in the air and do not immediately fall to the ground. It’s easier to see through the mist than fog, which makes it convenient for outdoor spaces where you’ll be lounging and enjoying the conversation. Misting systems are ideal for seating areas, patios, outdoor kitchens, and more!

How Mist Keeps You Cool

So how do misting systems work? The secret to your outdoor comfort lies in the science behind evaporative cooling. A misting system usually consists of a series of nozzles placed around the perimeter of your patio or outdoor entertaining space, connected through a series of stainless steel pipes.

A high-pressure pump is connected to the water source, which increases the water pressure by up to 10x its normal rate. By increasing the water pressure above 700 psi, the water molecules are atomized, pushing the smallest possible droplets through the nozzles.

As the water droplets are introduced to the hot outside air, they flash evaporate. The process of evaporation requires a source of energy: in this case, the hot air. The water particles absorb the heat, causing the molecule to evaporate. This process is repeated for each droplet and, as the misting system continues to spray, the surrounding air can be cooled by more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Benefits of Misting Systems

Because misting systems release large amounts of water into the air, they can be used as more than just cooling systems. If the water droplets are released into an enclosed space the humidity levels quickly rise. Misting systems can be used as effective humidifiers in many situations. Depending on their placement your misters can even double as a plant watering system.
As compared to the cost of running an air conditioning unit, misting systems are an energy-efficient solution to outdoor cooling. The mist pump uses significantly less electricity than an air conditioning unit and many outdoor evaporative coolers, allowing you to save energy and cut back on costs. Plus, they generally cool the targeted area far more evenly than other systems.

What is Fog?

Just like a cloud in the sky, fog is a collection of minuscule water particles that haven’t formed into rain droplets. It’s less compressed than rain clouds, allowing it to float without dumping the water onto the ground. Fog is denser than mist, making it ideal for creating dramatic drops in temperature. It provides a lot of shade, especially since the sun’s rays can’t bypass it when it’s floating low to the ground. Because of the texture and shape of fog, you can add to the aesthetic of your outdoor area while simultaneously making it more comfortable and enjoyable. Add fog over your pond for a resort-like effect, or to your outdoor lighting to create a calming aesthetic. Installing a fog system can help maintain landscaping and foliage that would otherwise dry out.

Do I Need Both?

Depending on what your goal is, the benefits of mist and fog systems can combine for extra cooling potential. Transform your pool into a luxurious lagoon with a layer of fog and counter the heat from your barbecue with a wave of mist in your outdoor grilling area.

Learn more about mist and fog systems available by clicking through the links below.

If you’re interested in upgrading your outdoor experience with an outdoor misting system and fog system, contact Aqua Science today. Send us an appointment request, or call us at (480) 454-3700 to combat the Arizona heat and create an outdoor oasis you and your guests will be sure to love.

Benefits of Outdoor Mist and Fog Systems:

  • An extension of your living and entertaining space
  • Increased home value at resale
  • High pressure, commercial-grade systems cool the space by up to 30°
  • Stainless steel lines provide durability
  • 20 Years of professional experience
  • Customized to fit your home

Uses for Mist & Fog Solutions in Phoenix

You can use mist or fog throughout your property!

  • Patios
  • Pools
  • Dog Runs
  • Horse Stalls / Barns
  • Gazebo / Pergola’s and more!
  • BBQ’s / Outdoor kitchens

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