Mist & Fog Services

Aqua Science provides quality, timely repair for your high-pressure outdoor mist or fog system in Phoenix, Arizona. We can repair both stainless steel and copper lines, pumps, nozzles and more. Our trained technicians can diagnose and fix your system, regardless of the original installer.

Mist Shut Down and Start Up Service

Extend the life of your high-pressure mist or fog system by maintaining it properly! Each year, we have several days that reach near-freezing or freezing temperatures. If your system is not properly flushed and winterized, you could experience a system failure. Lines can crack under freezing temperatures and pumps can be damaged, which is not only costly, but will prohibit you from using your system when you want to! Ask our service team about our shut down and start up service program and lengthen the life of your mist or fog system!

Water Mist

Our Mist Shut Down Service Includes:

  • Overall visual inspection of the system
  • Evacuate water from the mist lines
  • Unplug pump from the power supply
  • Disconnect the water supply
  • Remove filters
  • Fill pump with anti-freeze

Our Mist Start Up Service Includes:

  • Check power and water supply
  • Change the oil in the pump
  • Install new filters
  • Inspect nozzles
  • Reconnect all tubing
  • Flush system

Why Aqua Science?

As a leader in evaporative technology, Aqua Science has the experience and the team to make sure your high-pressure mist system runs at peak performance. We employ 30 technicians who are licensed, bonded and insured. We service over 2,000 customers in the Phoenix, Arizona area every month. Our goal is to make you a customer for life, which means we are here for all your mist and fog needs long after the installation!

Call our service team today to schedule a technician to evaluate and service your mist and fog system today! Schedule your mist or fog service with the link below and save $10 on your service call!


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