FloodMaster Leak Detection

Aqua Science brings a complete wireless system for managing indoor plumbing leaks, protecting your property and reducing financial losses.
If the sensor detects a leak, it signals the valve to shut off the main water supply to your home and sends the leak location, alarm type and valve status back to the hub.
The hub sends notifications to multiple users via the mobile applications.
floodmaster leak detection
The standard kit consists of a central hub, a water shut-off valve, flour flood sensors, and user-friendly mobile app that works on both IOS and Android platforms.

Wireless Main Shut-Off Features:

  • App-based system provides instant, automatic notifications and remote user interface
  • Battery-operated, wireless leak detection system for easy installations and monitoring almost anywhere
  • Addressable sensors tell you which sensor is registering a fault condition
  • Supports multiple actuators for both hot and cold water lines
  • Actuator is rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Manual valve shut-off via application or on the valve

Advantages of the Aqua Science System:

  • System communicates via radio signal, not reliant on wifi stability
  • Battery back-up eliminates potential for interruptions
  • Uses leak detection versus limitations of flow sensor systems
  • Customizable “on/off” schedule prevents potential flooding when away
  • Low battery alert via app

Accessories – each system supports up to 29 total devices:

  • Extra Wireless Water Flood Sensors – Purchase additional wireless sensors as needed to accommodate your leak and low/high temperature detection requirements.
  • Wireless Rope-Style Water Sensors Kit – This rope-style wireless sensor is ideal for hard-to-reach locations; discreet sensing in areas where aesthetics are key; or applications where perimeter coverage is preferable o a single point of contact.

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