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The Best Fog System in Arizona: Create an Oasis in Your Backyard

Homeowners across Arizona spend tens of thousands of dollars on their backyard landscape and environment, only to enjoy certain areas during the extreme heat in the summer. Adding fog to your backyard can create a pleasing aesthetic any time of year, as well as cooling down an outdoor space. Many homeowners use fogging systems to provide additional cooling around their pools, landscaping features and more. Fogfx can change all that by creating a calming, aesthetically pleasing, resort-style environment in your backyard!

What is a Fog System?

A fogging system is like a mist system in the way it operates. We use a pump to increase the water pressure and then push the water through special high pressure, stainless steel lines. Special nozzles are used to force the water through small openings to make contact with the air. When the water meets the hot air, it evaporates into a dense fog that rolls across the environment, cooling the space.

What is Fogfx?

Fogfx is a unique outdoor cooling system that uses a commercial grade, high-pressure mist pump to pressurize your water to 1,000 psi. That pressure forces water through custom nozzles that atomize the water and creates fog around your yard, pool or patio. The fog not only creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance but more importantly, it cools down the air as it moves around the environment.

Don’t let the Arizona sun keep you from enjoying your outdoor space when you can reduce temperatures by as much as 30°! Call our office today and schedule a FREE consultation. Our experts can help you design the backyard of your dreams!

How is Fogfx Different Than a Store-Bought System?

Pressure, quality, and knowledge. Many store-bought systems claim to be high pressure, but utilize a small booster pump to increase the water pressure to only about 160 psi. To create fog, the pressure needs to be increased substantially; our pumps increase water pressure up to 1000 psi. In addition, we use stainless steel lines and connectors, which provides a great deal of durability. Finally, we’ve been in the business for a long time. We understand the science behind the technology and create custom solutions for each home we go to. Home improvement stores, while inexpensive, can’t provide the kind of quality or knowledge we provide to our customers.

Fogfx Installation Process

The installation process is very similar to that of a misting system. In fact, most fog systems are accompanied by misting systems to create an inviting backyard entertaining space. After the systems are designed, and our team performs a pre-site evaluation, our team will take care of everything from start to finish. We provide all the necessary plumbing and electrical work, trenching, materials, etc. Depending on the scope and size of the project, most systems are installed in 1-2 business days.


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