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Visitors flock to Phoenix during our winter months to escape the cold.

A resort with a warm pool is just what they need to stay and enjoy all your property has to offer. Heat your pool for less with hybrid pool heating solutions!

Solar pool heating certainly isn’t new to Phoenix, nor is it new technology. In fact, the use of solar energy has been used for decades to heat pools. The only disadvantage of solar pool heating is that on its own, the sun can’t heat the pool all the way during our coldest winter months. So how do resorts and hotels take advantage of cost savings and still offer a warm pool for guests? They pair both solar heating with either a gas heater or an electric heat pump!

By harnessing thermal energy from the sun, you can bring your pool temperature up several degrees.

After the solar heater has increased the pool temperature to its limit, the gas heater or heat pump will do the work to bring the temperature up the rest of the way. The result is a comfortable, warm pool for your guests at a fraction of the cost!

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