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Enjoy Your Heated Pool Year-Round in Phoenix

If there is anything Phoenicians agree on, it is that we tolerate unbearably hot summers to get to our gorgeous fall, winter and spring months. With an average daytime temperature of 75°, residents in Phoenix can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, with the exception of one thing: our outdoor swimming pools!

Easily the largest investment in our back yards, the swimming pool provides hours of fun and entertainment in the summer, only to be left to sit and collect leaves the rest of the year. Why let your pool sit idle in the most glorious months of the year? Invest in a pool heater, and you can enjoy your pool and entertain year-round! Check out Arizona homeowner pool heating solutions installed by Aqua Science.

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Heated Pool Benefits

  • Increase your home’s value

    Home buyers love pools, especially heated pools. Installing a pool heater is one of only two investments that will provide a 100% return upon the sale of your home!*

  • Swim when you want to

    Solar pool heaters will double your current swim season, allowing you to take advantage of warm spring and fall months. Gas heaters and electric heat pumps can provide heat year-round, allowing you to swim when you want to!

  • Health benefits.

    Studies show swimming is one of the healthiest, low-impact exercises for your body. Swimming may help to build endurance, increases cardiovascular health and muscle strength, as well as helping to increase respiratory health.

Pool Heaters from Pentair

We offer three different pool heating options to accommodate your budget, personal preference, and home technology requirements. Whether you opt for electric, solar, or natural gas, our team will work diligently to make the installation process quick and efficient. Thanks to our years of technology research, we are confident in our pool heating systems and their ability to heat your pool water to an ideal temperature without wasteful power overuse. Our mission is to continually reduce environmental impact with our systems while offering you an enhanced lifestyle. Additionally, we offer the best warranties and annual maintenance options in town.

Pentair UltraTemp® Heat Pumps

We utilize air-source electric heat pumps to maintain perfect pool temperatures during the cooler months and to refrigerate your pool if the water gets too warm in the summer. This system is a cost-efficient option when compared to other pool heating technologies. Because our electric pool heaters use outside air temperature to function, they require very little energy to run.

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Pentair MasterTemp® Gas Heaters

Gas pool heaters are a great choice if you want a system that can heat your pool in just a few hours to the exact temperature you desire. They can also be used in combination with other pool heating systems, so you can choose to only use the natural gas heater when in a hurry to heat the pool. As a stand-alone system, it is an ideal option for families who don’t use the pool often and want to enjoy a perfectly comfortably pool.


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Solar Pool Heating

Our solar pool heating system is optimal because it requires zero monthly recurring costs by harnessing the thermal energy of the sun. This environmentally friendly option can also cool your pool temperature in the extreme summer months. We are proud to offer the best solar panel system on the market with the highest Btu performance rating.

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