Stop an RO System Leak

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(1) Shut-Off Valve
(2) Shut-Off Valve
(3) Ice Line Shut-Off Valve
(4) Angle Stop

1. The first step to shutting down your RO System is to find the shut off ball valves. Generally there are 2-3 valves that need to be shut down:

  • (1) Side of module
  • (2) Top of tank
  • (3) Start of ice-line

2. To shut off the ball valve – turn it a 1/4 clockwise away from the water line.

2. To shut off the ball valve – turn it a 1/4 clockwise away from the water line.

How to shut down RO system.

3. Ice maker in the fridge needs to be turned off when the RO system is off or damage can be done to the ice line or fridge. See the owner’s manual for your fridge to perform this step.

4. There will still be residual water in the RO and lines that may still seep out after shut off. Please continue to watch and the area until the water stops.

5. If leaking continues you may need to turn off the (4) emergency shut-off (angle stop). The emergency shut down can be performed by turning the angle stop a 1/4 turn clockwise.

How to use emergency shut-off valve.
If the angle stop is old or worn out, it may break and cause more leaking. If you are having trouble turning the angle stop, it is not recommended that you put added pressure on it.

Leak Detector Troubleshooting

Installing a leak detector along with your RO system is the best way to protect your home from water leaks. However, leak detectors may make noise even when a leak is not present and they also must be properly maintained. We have put together a troubleshooting matrix for a few of the most popular leak detector models.

Click on the model to see the troubleshooting matrix:

Leak Controller by Water Controller

Savant AS-414BR