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AquaSELECT Salt-Free Water Softener

The majority of the water supply in Phoenix, both municipal and well water, contain high levels of hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium). When exposed to air, these minerals solidify and create a white scale that causes problems with water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, humidifiers and plumbing systems. AquaSELECT was designed to eliminate these problems, providing your family the solution you’ve been looking for.

AquaSELECT features FILTERSORB SP3® Technology. This media transforms the calcium and magnesium carbonate (the temporary hardness) of the water into calcite crystals. These crystals are so small they are rinsed away, reducing the ability of hard water scale to stick to plumbing and


AquaSELECT provides a green, no-salt alternative to water softening!

Saltless Water Softener

Many families search for soft water solutions that don’t use salt. AquaSELECT provides a green alternative that doesn’t utilize salt to transform your water. Traditional water softeners operate on the basis of ionic exchange; calcium and magnesium ions in the water are exchanged with an equal amount of sodium. Additionally, water softeners require a regeneration period to clean off the calcium and magnesium ions from the resin in the tank, which requires additional water.

Aqua Select Water Condition

The FILTERSORB SP3® media found in AquaSELECT acts as a catalyst by accelerating the transformation of the calcium and magnesium minerals into harmless Nanoparticles. When water comes into your home and passes through the scale reduction tank, the Filtersorb SP3 media pulls the hardness minerals out of the water and turns them into inactive Nanocrystal particles. Because the hardness minerals have been transformed into tiny particles, they make their way through plumbing, fixtures, valves and heating elements without attaching to anything. The result is conditioned water with inactive calcium and magnesium minerals; this means the water has the same mineral content it had when it entered your home but lacks the damaging particles.

After the water passes through the Filtersorb SP3 media, it is then passed through a water conditioner, which removes chlorine and volatile organic compounds. The end result is water at every faucet that smells and tastes great and is free of damaging calcium and magnesium compounds.

Benefits of AquaSELECT:
  • Salt-free system – no increase in sodium content in your water!
  • Removes chlorine which leaves skin and hair feeling softer and smoother!
  • Reduces organic compounds like herbicides and pesticides found in 1/5th of all homes!
  • No regeneration or backwashing needed in either tank, which saves water and money!
  • Simplified in-and-out valves mean no electricity is needed, saving you more money!
  • NSF 61 Certified by the Water Quality Association
Features of AquaSELECT:
  • Filtersorb SP3® media
  • Lifetime warranty on both tanks
  • 10-year warranty on both in-and-out valves
  • 5-year warranty on both the carbon and Filtersorb SP3 media

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