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Smartlife Salt Water Softener System


Don’t let hard water cost you time and money! Stop harsh minerals before it enters your home with SMARTLife, a water softener exclusive to Aqua Science. SMARTLife features patented cyclonic technology, the most innovative way to regenerate and lengthen the life of the cleaning resin within the water softener. Much like wind-tunnel technology, the cyclonic plate lifts the resin beads off the bottom of the tank and distributes them evenly, which allows the cleaning solution to clean the resin beads more thoroughly. As a result, you’ll receive these benefits:

Best Whole House Water Softener

All the benefits of the SOFTLife System like softer skin and hair, cleaner clothes, spot-free glassware, dishes and shower doors PLUS:

  • SMARTLife cyclonic technology is more efficient, requiring 30% less water during cleaning cycles
  • Soft water needs less soap and detergents for cleaning. A family of four can save up to $462 per year on cleaning supplies!*
  • SMARTLife uses less salt over time as compared to traditional systems
  • More money in your wallet!

The SMARTLife System features:

  • 10% Crosslink resin. Stronger than standard 8% crosslink resin, 10% crosslink withstands the presence of chlorine longer. A stronger, more durable resin, combined with cyclonic cleaning will extend the life of SMARTLife.
  • 25-year warranty on resin and tanks
  • SMART digital valve saves money on water! The valve monitors the water use in the home and only cleans the system when necessary

SMARTLife. A smart choice for your family.

*Source: Consumer Spending Statistics. Oct. 2015. Statistic Brain.

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