In the ever-evolving quest for clean and safe drinking water, it’s imperative that we stay informed about the state of our tap water. In 2022, a significant step was taken towards this goal when the Environmental Protection Agency turned its attention to the city of Phoenix. The EPA monitored a total of 30 previously unregulated contaminants present in Phoenix’s tap water supply.  

Common contaminants that might be lurking in your tap water but a reverse osmosis system can improve the water quality in your Arizona home.  


 Is Tap Water in Arizona Drinkable? 

The main source of Phoenix’s tap water supply is derived from the Salt River Project and Central Arizona Project. These initiatives predominantly depend on water sources like the Salt, Verde, and Colorado Rivers. Over the years, several facilities have overseen the filtering of bacteria and viruses that may build up in the water to ensure that Phoenix water quality is optimal for use.  

In Phoenix, the established water quality standards assure that consuming tap water will not lead to immediate health issues. However, it’s essential to note that the city employs chlorine as a disinfectant for the water supply, a practice commonly adopted across the United States. Some experts raise questions about the potential long-term safety implications of regular chlorine consumption as it is highly toxic in significant quantities. In addition to chlorine, hard water is also a common issue in Phoenix water, which can pose challenges when it comes to its drinkability. 


What Contaminants Can Be Found in Arizona Water? 

Carcinogen Chromium-6, chlorine, arsenic, copper, fluoride, and pharmaceuticals as well as cysts, viruses, bacteria, and other dangerous contaminants can all be potentially found in Arizona water. 


Why Filtering Your Water is Your Best Bet 

Water is an indispensable part of our daily lives, and the quality of the water we use impacts our health and well-being in numerous ways. We use it for everyday activities such as cooking and bathing, and most importantly, drinking. You want to ensure you have the best water quality possible to reduce the risk of catching illnesses or diseases. 

Although Phoenix tap water is technically safe, there is still a significant risk of developing life-threatening illnesses as contaminants may linger in the water. That’s why filtering your water is the best option as it ensures that your household is receiving quality water that is safe for consumption. 


Install a Reverse Osmosis System 

Opting for a reverse osmosis system presents an excellent choice for enhancing the purity of your home’s drinking water. High-quality systems can effectively eliminate as much as 97% of impurities, resulting in a noticeable improvement in the appearance and flavor of your drinking water, all while contributing to the overall health of your family.  

Aqua Science’s PUREMax or CLEARMax Systems are proven to be effective water filtering systems. PUREMax RO efficiently filters and purifies your family’s drinking water, all while conserving more than half the water compared to a conventional system. CLEARMax RO System effectively eliminates as much as 99% of dirt and toxins from your drinking water. 


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