The water in Phoenix is considered safe to ingest, but residents still suffer from the water’s unpleasant smell and taste. Our water conditioners are designed to eliminate that algae-infused flavor that is common in Phoenix water.

At Aqua Science, we operate using different methods than traditional water treatment systems, taking the improvement of hard water very seriously. We have a proficient research team that works hard to enhance the quality of water going to Arizona homes. Our goal is to always ensure your water is not only safe but also tastes great. The no-salt purification systems we provide reduce scale, chlorines, volatile organic compounds, and numerous impurities.

Water Conditioner Types

We offer three different water conditioner systems that reduce the amount of excess salt and harmful elements in your water.

● AquaCLEAN: We are proud to offer this outstanding water treatment solution that works both on its own or in combination with other water softeners or conditioners. Using a granular activated carbon, it decreases all elements that make your water nauseating. It also strengthens your plumbing’s ability to ward off corrosion.

● AquaSELECT: Featuring the very impressive FILTERSORB SP3® technology, this water conditioner eliminates the white scale build up that causes issues for various water appliances in every home. AquaSELECT converts the elements that lead to hardness in water into calcite crystals so small, they rinse away. This technology works much more efficiently than traditional softeners, which use an element exchange model that requires additional regeneration and water.

● PURELife Water Treatment: This is our most intensive system, which implements an innovative cross filtration technology. The no-salt system leads to better tasting and smelling water, achieved effectively by removing hard minerals, lowering dissolved solids and supplying pH balanced water throughout the home. It is the only system out there that can handle the specific issues with AZ water. We take customization to a whole new level, designing every new water conditioner system to match the needs and preferences of the household.

Water Conditioner Sizes & Features
Each of our systems are unique in their own way, but they all work to deliver improved water.

● AquaCLEAN:
○ Streamlined in-and-out valve
○ 1.0 or 1.5 cu. ft. granular activated carbon media
○ Reduced water waste
○ Environmentally efficient, requiring no electricity
○ Excellent warranty offerings on media tank and in-and-out valve
○ Filtersorb SP3® media
○ Salt free system
○ Removal of chlorine
○ Reduction of harmful organic compounds
○ Excellent warranty offerings on tanks, in-and-out valves, and media
○ Environmentally friendly, using minimal water and no electricity
○ NSF 61 Certified by the Water Quality Association
● PURELife Water Treatment:
○ Cross filtration technology
○ Activated carbon filtration
○ Liquid separation
○ Reduction of chlorine, dissolved solids, hard water scale, natural sodium, bacteria, cysts, viruses, VOCs, chemicals, organic arsenic and mercury, chromium and lead and pharmaceuticals

We are confident that Aqua Science offers the best water conditioners in Arizona. Please contact us to get more information about how our water conditioner systems work. Also, ask a representative about any systems we have on sale!