In a perfect world, you would not have to worry about the water in your home smelling like anything. You should be able to pour yourself a glass after it has gone through a filter and enjoy. Unfortunately, some homeowners will discover that over time, their water smells like rotten eggs. This is a problem that is easy to fix, but you need to act quickly.

What Is the Cause of the Rotten Egg Smell?

The reason why water begins to smell this way is due to the presence of sulfur bacteria, also known as hydrogen sulfide. The bacteria have leaked their way into your home’s plumbing system and water supply. You should see if your water smells this way all the time or only when you use hot water. If it only smells like eggs when you use hot water, then the bacteria may only be present in the water heater. It makes the water smell due to a chemical reaction taking place, and the only way to fix it is to have your local plumber come out.


What Problems Does This Lead To?

People assume drinking water that smells like rotten eggs must not be safe to drink. In actuality, consuming and bathing in this type of water is totally safe. However, it is only safe if it is really hydrogen sulfide. There are other contaminants that can get in your home’s water supply that can mimic the same smell. These substances may be dangerous to consume, so it is best to play it safe and avoid drinking the water no matter what.

The main problem with hydrogen sulfide involves the damage it does to your pipes. Over time, it can lead to corrosion and damaged fixtures. It is paramount to correct this issue as soon as possible to get healthy, clean water flowing regularly.


How Can You Remove This Sulfur Smell?

There are several ways you can eliminate this smell. The first step should always involve contacting a water treatment company or a local plumber. Dealing with your home’s water system can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. The first thing your professional will likely do is take a look at the water heater. Since the bacteria may be localized to the water heater, they may be able to fix it right away, repair it and prevent future damage from occurring within the house.

In the event the smell is present in all the water regardless of the temperature, the professional will have to see if your water is treated. If your water is treated, then the problem likely lies with the water softener used. You may need to get the softener fully serviced and repaired.


Finally, if the smell lies with both treated and untreated as well as hot and cold water, then the problem is most likely in the groundwater or within the well system. The professional will need to test the groundwater to make sure this is the case. There are tests the expert can do that will check for hydrogen sulfide, iron, sulfur, and sulfate bacteria. Not every professional is equipped to perform this kind of test. You will need to hire one who specializes in testing groundwater, so you can guarantee you get an accurate reading.

Additionally, consider installing a Reverse Osmosis system as a dedicated filtration option for your drinking water. This will address the smell issue as well as eliminate all other organic or inorganic compounds from your water. These systems make sense in areas like Arizona where there are high concentrates of minerals and compounds in our drinking water.


When the water begins to smell like anything that is not water, it is time to call in the professionals. The smell can get so bad that you cannot run the sink without gagging. Fortunately, the experts at Aqua Science have the tools and experience necessary to make your water smell as good as new. Contact us as soon as you smell anything coming from your water, and we will send someone out promptly.