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Whether you’ve just bought your home and are looking to the future, or else you’ve owned it for years and you’re getting ready to sell, it’s never too soon to start thinking about improving your property value. Arm yourself with these tips for maximum return.

What Is the Best Way To Increase the Value of Your Home?

Most buyers are in the market for move-in-ready homes. With busy schedules and tight funds, a house that’s for sale is instantly more attractive when big repairs and renovations have already been expertly done. When you set out to increase the value of your home, focus first on fixing the problems that may have made you hesitant before you signed the contract. A new roof or upgraded plumbing are good projects that have instant value.

How Do You Increase Home Value for Appraisal?

Home appraisals often factor in aspects of your house you cannot change, such as: location, proximity to businesses and lot size. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways for you to up the appraised value.

Make sure the house is polished for the walkthrough. Simple tasks like home staging, carpet cleaning and repainting can present a more finished home. If there are any repairs that need to be done, get them completed before the appraisal. These issues can really cut into the overall value.

What Home Improvements Add the Most Value?

The most impactful home improvement options may not be the same from one region to the next. Climate plays a big role in the areas of a house people use the most, and air temperature can sometimes affect how a property is laid out and what upgrades a homeowner may find necessary. Consider these eight projects that may make buyers willing to pay more for your Arizona home.

Replace the Windows

The best windows vary region by region, depending on the specific climate challenges in the area. In Arizona, you’re best off with solar resistant windows. This can minimize the amount of heat working its way through your house. Not only will this help the home stay cooler, but it may also reduce your energy costs. The cooler your house is, to begin with, the less work your air conditioner will have to do to make it comfortable. Potential buyers should be able to feel the difference when touring your home, which can give you a huge advantage in the market.

Make Your Backyard an Oasis

Though summer can be uncomfortable in Arizona, the rest of the year is mild and pleasant, which means many days spent outdoors. By putting money into your backyard, you can create an oasis that future buyers will be dying to escape to. You can keep it simple with comfortable deck seating and patio heaters to keep evenings cozy, or you may go big with an entire outdoor kitchen, including a built-in grill, countertop, and sink.

Find Ways To Block the Sun

In addition to your efforts to warm up your patio space, don’t forget to consider implementing cooling systems that can be used during the fierce summer season. Retractable awning systems or permanent patio shades can help block the suns intensity, but you can also utilize high-pressure misting and fog systems to reduce summer temperatures by 20◦ – 30◦. Adding evaporative cooling to the dry Arizona heat can help make your outdoor space more comfortable.

Upgrade Your Bathrooms

Everyone wants an updated bathroom, but very few people want to take on the project. Work with a contractor and plumbing professional to swap out old, outdated fixtures with fresh, new ones. This is also a good time to make sure you have no leaks in your plumbing. Addressing these problems ahead of time will tell anyone shopping for homes that you’ve taken good care of the house. In addition, renovated bathrooms are one of the top selling points during home appraisals.

Consider Relocating Laundry Rooms

There was a time when laundry rooms were confined to basements and garages, but contemporary homeowners expect more. The best place to house the washer and dryer is nearest the bedrooms, for the easiest transport of both dirty and clean clothing. Modern spaces also include countertops, cabinets and even a sink, making the room more than just a spot to put your appliances. Consider the layout of your home and consult an expert to see if adding a revamped laundry area is doable. You may have to reroute plumbing to make it work, but it may be well worth it when it comes time to sell your home.

Improve Home’s Water Quality

Hot weather means you need to drink a lot more fluids to stay hydrated and healthy. Clean water has become a priority for many people these days. Knowing that a homeowner has taken steps to make the house’s water supply better will entice most buyers. Hard water, which contains minerals and other debris, doesn’t just create an unpleasant drinking experience; it also can harm plumbing systems over time. Softeners and conditioners can help fight this problem, by working with your home’s supply to give you the highest quality of water.

Make High-Quality Choices

While it’s true you don’t necessarily need the most lavish fixtures or countertops available, you should consider the finer options that many homebuyers have come to expect. Opting for granite or quartz versus a laminate or solid surface countertop may be more expensive at the time, but it may pay off during the resale process. Keep this in mind when choosing large-scale materials, such as flooring or exterior siding. You often see the greatest return on investment when you spring for more durable and more efficient materials.

How Do You Calculate Home Improvement Value?

There are many tools out there to help you calculate the most precise estimate of what your chosen home improvements will be worth, but it ultimately comes down to what’s in demand in your area. You can learn a lot about potential resale value by looking at what other homes near you are selling for, along with the upgrades that have been done to those particular houses. You also have to factor in the value you will get as a homeowner in the years you spend in the house before you sell. Sometimes returns on investment are strengthened by the enjoyment you’ll receive from having the project done.

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