Water chlorination is relatively new, beginning in 1905, bringing safe water to the public by eliminating dangerous  diseases such as dysentery, salmonella & cholera – drastically improving the quality of life for millions around the world. Liquid chlorine, or Sodium Hypochlorite, is generally used in modern sanitation through adding the chemical in water treatment plants before being pumped off through our cities water lines.

However, despite the countless benefits of safe, drinkable water available on tap to most in the United States, there are drawbacks that can leave residents with a less than satisfactory experience. Chlorine has many adverse health effects and without proper filtration, the quality of life for people with chlorinated water is less than satisfactory.

Dry hair and skin is a common issue. Chlorine takes natural oils from your skin and hair, leaving them dry and coarse. Chemical reactions occur in your hair, which can change the natural color, weakening hair strength that result in split ends. The removed oils from your skin leaves it red and irritated as well, depending on your sensitivity.

Additionally, adverse health effects from chlorine treated water are well documented, in 2007 The American Journal of Epidemiology found a strong link between bladder cancer from chlorine byproducts, chemicals called trihalomethanes (THM) that are broken down in our water. Inhalation of these chemicals from shower steam and ingestion from drinking water are the main routes they enter to our body.

Lead is another problem common in Arizona water, with dozens of schools in the Phoenix area finding alarming levels of the chemical in their drinking water. Lead is so toxic, the EPA recommends absolutely zero amounts of it in drinking water for the health risks associated range from heart & kidney failure to neurotoxicity and even death in prolonged exposure.

Finally in recent years as homes have moved from copper to PEX piping, the degradation of plastic from chlorine exposure has begun to surface as a problem to the long term lifespan of home plumbing system, as well as any other plastic components found in water connected appliances.

Cities with high concentration of chlorine treated water have seen houses experience failures years and decades before expected, with a Washington home having their entire PEX plumbing system replaced after a systemic failure of vital pipings with months of each other, due to the Pex piping cracking, expanding and even the line ink leaking to the inside of the pipes.
The AquaClean Home Water Carbon Filtration system is the best choice for preventing these problems stemming from chlorinated water. Filled with activated carbon, water is flushed through the tower and absorbed through the porous carbon leaving as pure, fresh water.

Passing slowly through the carbon filtration system, the natural coconut substrate removes sediment, volatile organic compounds and other contaminants, eliminating the culprits behind foul taste, odor and health dangers found in even treated water provided by your municipal water. Water moving through the vortex filter placed at the bottom of the AquaClean system prevents any filter from entering into your home water before entering back into your home water supply.

While the treatment of water found around us all is one of the great advancements in society, there’s always room for better quality. Taking the extra steps with Aqua Science’s help, fresh tasting water that leaves your hair and skin healthy with no lingering odor of chlorine or other foul smelling compounds, protecting your home and body has never been easier. Call us today to schedule your AquaClean Water Filtration System today!