Don’t let sweltering Arizona summers prevent you from enjoying your outdoor living area. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing weekend in your gazebo or inviting your friends over for dinner on your deck, find out how a mist curtain can be the breath of fresh air your gathering is missing. Learn all about the benefits of misting systems, how they work and how you can enjoy professional, affordable installation services in Phoenix by Aqua Science.

What Is a Mist Curtain?

A mist curtain is a system that’s designed to provide relief for any outdoor sitting area or gathering place. This system requires professional installation for best results. It uses atomized water droplets to create a curtain of water that cools you off without soaking you in water. Find out how this system works and how you can benefit from the natural process of atomization.

Ideal mist curtain placement is essential. Most mist systems are referred to as “curtains” because they are ideally installed around the perimeter of your sitting area. This allows the entire sitting area to be cooled without splashing you and your guests with direct water spray.

Imagine the refreshing feeling of gentle mist. You won’t be sprayed directly with a stream of water, but the nearby evaporation process will reduce the surrounding temperature and help you enjoy the summer. When outdoor temperatures become unbearable, you need a solution to cool down.

How a Mist Curtain Works

A professionally installed mist system is connected to a specialized water pump. This allows it to spray high-pressure water around your sitting area. A professional mist curtain system requires 10 times the amount of water pressure as your home water pump typically provides.

A successful mist curtain requires this extreme pressure for atomization. Water atomizes at approximately 750 psi. Intense pressure turns water into an incredibly fine mist, which allows your mist curtain system to act as a refreshing mist rather than an unpleasant spray.

At Aqua Science, our misting system uses durable stainless steel piping to put out 1,000 psi pressure. This ensures that the water is completely atomized and the spray uses the smallest water droplets possible.

Atomized water, when exposed to hot Arizona air, doesn’t condense. Instead of condensing as droplets on your outdoor seating and your guests, atomized water flash evaporates. This process requires energy transfer, which is present in the hot air surrounding the atomized water.

As hot water passes energy to the water droplets, it can dramatically reduce the air temperature. Professional misting systems can reduce the air temperature in the surrounding air by 30 degrees Fahrenheit or more. When a system is professionally installed around your outdoor living area, a blistering 100 degree day in Arizona can feel like a cool, comfortable 70 degree day.

Benefits of a Professional System

Have you ever wished you had an air conditioner on your porch? Think of a misting system as an energy-efficient alternative for outdoor cooling. This system is far more efficient than a simple fan, but requires less energy than an air conditioner. Here are just a few benefits you can enjoy when you choose a professional mist system:

  • Energy-efficiency
  • Dramatically reduced temperatures
  • Comfortable, dry seating
  • Long-lasting convenience
  • Quiet, discreet water pump
  • Reduced insects

These benefits aren’t included with every water misting system. Be sure to work with an expert installation team and purchase a system that is proven to last. At Aqua Science, we work with leading designs of misting systems. Our systems not only use impressive pressure ratings to ensure complete atomization, but they are also designed with long-lasting materials.

After investing in a beautiful deck, gazebo or another area, be sure to maximize its use. Don’t give up on your outdoor seating because it’s too hot outside, but enjoy a refreshing mist curtain and dramatically reduced temperatures for a cool place to sit all summer long.

The Professional Difference

A professional system operates efficiently, requires less maintenance, and provides long-lasting and quality solutions. Like most home improvement projects, you get what you pay for with a mist curtain. Many advertised DIY solutions use improper water pressure, weak water lines, and improper placement of nozzles and a water pump.

A professional system takes care of these major and minor issues. We powder coat our stainless steel water lines to match your porch, gazebo or siding color. This allows discrete installation and doesn’t affect your curb appeal.

Avoid unappealing nozzles, loud water pumps and ineffective water pressure by choosing a professional service provider. Without the proper water pressure, an unprofessional system may end up spraying you and your guests with water and getting your outdoor area wet with condensation instead of comfortable evaporation.

Kids and pets love our mist systems. Encourage your children and pets to get outdoors during hot summers with a comfortable deck or another sitting area. Spend your afternoons as a family reading, eating or talking outdoors and enjoying the cool comfort of your new mist curtain system. An outdoor gathering space can make your home feel larger and help you maximize your space and get the most out of your deck or gazebo.

Professional Mist Curtain Setup

Discover how our team of technicians creates an effective mist curtain without affecting your outdoor aesthetics. In as little as one or two days, our technicians can completely install your system and help you take back your outdoor sitting area.

Full-service mist curtain setups start with planning out your system. Most systems enclose patios, decks or other areas on three sides. This will prevent mist from spraying directly at your guests and provides maximum relief from hot Arizona summers. When surrounding three sides of an outdoor area, our systems can typically reduce the temperature by up to 30 degrees.

Next, our technicians handle all the logistics of the installation. We dig trenches for power lines, find the ideal water pump mounting location and install the water lines and nozzles. We powder coat all the visible piping, brackets, clamps and other components to match your siding for a discrete installation process.

Once our system is installed, we offer complete maintenance and repair services to ensure your system lasts a lifetime. Don’t install a disappointing system that doesn’t provide the relief you need, but work with leaders in the industry to receive reliable, comfortable outdoor cooling services.

The Importance of Water Treatment

For best results, your mist curtain system should use water with hard minerals removed. Whether your water comes from the city system or from a well, hard minerals can stain your interior sinks and shows and clog your water fixtures. This is particularly common in a water misting system, which uses small nozzles and extreme pressure.

Ask your service technician about water softening solutions. Depending on your water situation, you can use a water softener or reverse osmosis system to provide clean, filtered water for your misting system and your home.

A water softener not only prevents scale buildup in your home and your outdoor mist curtain, but it also prevents staining on your dishes, shower doors and other household items. Some hard minerals cause unpleasant odors, which are also removed with a water softener system. Don’t ruin your outdoor seating area with scaling nozzles and an unpleasant water odor, but enjoy the fresh scent of your outdoor landscaping and keep your water nozzles working efficiently for years to come.

If you’re unhappy with the taste of your drinking water and want even higher levels of water filtration, invest in a reverse osmosis system. A complete system will filter out all the hard minerals from your mist curtain and will also provide safe, refreshing drinking water for your home.

Don’t spend your money on plastic water bottles or inefficient water filters. Filter out all the unusual tastes, smells and any harmful toxins in your water with a complete reverse osmosis system. Our team can easily install one while installing your misting system. Installing both at the same time can save time and money while preparing your home for an unforgettable gathering or another fun-filled summer with your family.

Pump Mounting Considerations

The final consideration that many professionals overlook is the location of their water pump. Because your mist curtain requires extreme pressure, you’ll need a new water pump. This is typically installed outdoors, near your mist system.

Unfortunately, many service providers install the pump very close to the seating area. While this may seem convenient, it can ruin the tranquility and calm of your outdoor gathering area. Don’t let the noise of a water pump turning on and off disturb your peace as you relax on your deck or in your gazebo.

At Aqua Science, our technicians discreetly install your water pump. We look for an area of your yard that is away from your seating area and your guests. By moving the pump away from your deck or sitting area, we provide a quieter, calmer area for you to enjoy the cool temperatures and refreshing outdoor landscape.

Other Outdoor Solutions

Once you discover the affordable prices and unbeatable experience of our team at Aqua Science, consider these other outdoor renovations. From a complete reverse osmosis system to a patio heating system, we offer you all the features you need to enjoy your outdoor space all year.

Learn More at Aqua Science

Mist curtains are a popular option for homeowners looking to increase the value of their homes. Mist and fog systems, pool heaters, and water treatment solutions can all improve the quality of your home and its value. If you’re interested in one of our services, don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your situation with our team.

Learn more about our commitment to quality and our professional mist curtain systems today. Contact us at Aqua Science to schedule an estimate for mist curtain installation or pool heating. Our comprehensive services work together to help you enjoy your water quality and your outdoor living area. Stay comfortable year-round in your Arizona home by working with local, qualified service providers based in Phoenix.