Did you know?

  • No two models are the same; all are customized to the space they occupy and have different outputs and water pressure behind them.
  • High pressure mist systems cool using high pressure (1,000 PSI) to atomize water into mist.
  • Commercial-grade misting systems can cool a space by 30 degrees, compared to low pressure systems that simply wet the area under the nozzles.
  • Water vapor created by high pressure mist systems absorbs heat and cools the air around it through evaporation.
  • This process is known as flash evaporative cooling.
  • High pressure misting systems depend on warm, dry air in order to achieve maximum cooling effect.
  • Humidity will change how effective mist systems are because it will cause the mist to linger in the air as water vapor.
  • High pressure mist systems still cool in humid air but the effect is diminished.
  • The Arizona desert is the ideal environment for high pressure mist systems because of the low humidity and intense heat.

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